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Parenting Manifesto – What message does your soul have for your children?

Parenting Manifesto Parenting ON PURPOSE, from your heart… Your prayer, your wish, your soul’s message to your children…   I was watching Oprah Life Class recently, and Brene Brown was talking about her parenting manifesto. I was so inspired, and so deeply touched that I decided to create my own. Boy was it a liberating, […]

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Stop praising me – I need to learn how to live in the REAL world!

Stop praising me… I need to learn how to live in the REAL world!!   We live in a culture where a certificate, a medal, a blue ribbon, a gold star, a trophy, or at minimum an enthusiastic “Good job!” has become commonplace and even expected when children participate in an activity, regardless of their […]

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3 steps to disciplining your child without killing their spirit

How to guide and govern your child’s behaviour so that THEY take responsibility for their actions and make more effective choices, AT ANY AGE – even toddlers!!! Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you could only master the ability to somehow teach your child to become so conscious of their behaviour […]

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The first 2 questions to ask when you pick your child up from school

The 2 best questions. . . conversations that matter! As parents, what is it we are ultimately wanting to accomplish in regards to raising our children? I believe the following points describe most parents We want them to feel loved, valued, and know they are good enough! We want to equip with them with the […]

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The best way to handle conversations about “life’s challenges” with your children

We must use life challenges to TEACH, not PROTECT our children! Conversations about things that are challenging our children are tough at the best of times, because as a parent, we care, and when it hurts our children, it hurts us. But ultimately, I believe our responsibility as a parent isn’t just to ‘protect’ them, it’s […]

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